1000 Questions For Couples Reviews

Everyone is in need of a soul mate. Age, ethnicity, religion, designation do not matter, what matters is a loving and healthy relationship.

Your success and achievements in life are not just because of your hard work, it is also affected by the nature of your partner and the compatibility between you two. If your personal life is in shambles, it will reflect in your professional life.

The general thinking is that, there is a perfect partner for you, waiting for you somewhere and when you find that person you will stay ” Happily ever after “.

Sounds cinematic, right? Of course it is. This notion of romance has been reinforced by cinema over several decades, but this is only half of the reality. The other half is that which really matters.

The Reality !!!

Relationships are built over the time. It takes love, patience and understanding to build a lasting relationship with your partner. This is a journey and it starts with the basic but the most important element- Communication.

Communicating thoughts, feelings, interests and many more can actually help you find out the true nature of your partner. This is helpful in the beginning of the relationship when you want to judge the compatibility factor.

Communication is also essential when you are committed to each other. Sometimes, differences can spring up over a small matter, the relationship may start losing it's spark over the time or some external factors ( professions, kids etc.) can cause the couple to drift apart.

Talking to each other can solve majority of problems but the real task is determining the art of talking, which means, communicating in a way that will not negatively impact the other person and cause more strain on the relationship.

It is really a thin line here and you have to tread carefully. One small mistake can widen the gap instead of bridging it.

1000 Question For Couples is the answer for your relationship goals. Whether you want to know about the other person or want to save your relationship you can turn to this book for guidance.

It won't disappoint you for sure. Based on Dr. Arthur Aron's research, this book contains 1000 questions that have been scientifically and strategically designed that will work wonders for your relationship.

These questions are not something that you can find on the internet, these questions are totally different that actually take you through each phase of the relationship and help build a good understanding and rapport with your partner.

Do you know that asking the right question can actually make you fall in love. Love at first sight is not scientifically proven but love at first conversation is.

Studies show that we eventually get attracted to the thought of the other person, rather than outer beauty and this creates lasting relationships.

This book ” 1000 Questions For Couples ” is the brainchild of Michael Webb who has deep passion and understanding of relationships.

He is doing what he loves for the last 20 years, helping millions of couples to stay in a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

He has published 18 books so far and the success of these can be judged by the fact that over million copies have been sold.

He prides over the fact that his first book ” The Romantic's Guide ” is an international bestseller in multiple languages.

It was released in February 2000 currently has 10 editions. The massive success of this book has taken him to the Oprah show to talk about how to ” rekindle relationship ” in their episode of ” Challenge Your Spouse”.

He is the media's darling, featuring in over 100 reputed magazines, every major newspaper in USA, 500 radio shows and famous TV shows. He has shared his knowledge in the form of tips, quotes and interviews on all these major platforms.

“1000 Question For Couples” covers wide range of topics like –

1) Personality, Feelings, Emotions

2) Favorites

3) Pets

4) Attraction

5) Health, Food & Well Being

6) Vacations

7) Morals, Convictions & Belief

8) Religion & Spirituality

9) Car & Driver

10) Holidays & Celebrations

11) Home & Home Life Past & Future

12) Past & Future

13) Hobbies & Entertainment

14) Love, Romance & Date Nights

15) Family & Friends

16) Communication

17)Career & Education

16) Relationships-Past & Present

17) Children & Child-Rearing

20) Wedding & Honeymoon

21) Sex

How does it work?

Both you and your partner can ask each other questions straight out of this book. Initially choose simple topics that lead to light-hearted conversations and then gradually move on to the more intimate and serious topics.

This will help you understand what your partner wants, likes & dislikes, pet peeves, opinions etc. There are a few topics that people don't feel comfortable discussing and may feel awkward about.

This book comes to the rescue here. The questions are framed such that the conversation that follows these questions lightens the environment and helps people open up to each other. No uncomfortable silences, no feeling of despair and being cornered.

Pros of this product

This book is very effective –

1) It covers so many topics such that asking these questions gives you an insight of your partner's thinking and behavior which makes you look your partner in new light.

2) For the ones on the lookout for a partner, this books provides you with every conversation under the sun that actually helps in determining the right partner for you. The fun part is you never get bored!

3) It helps revives intimacy in your relation and build trust and faith on your partner.

4) This book is a product of genuine efforts on the part of the author backed with decades of research on how relationships work and definitely helps build a relationship gradually and steadily. It is not a scam as proved by millions of happy couples who vouch for it.

This book is aimed at couples-

1) Who are experiencing strain in their relationship or a have broken relationship and want to mend it.

2) Those who feel their relationship has lost it's charm and want to rekindle it.

3) Who are having minor disagreements such that the relationship is not in danger but are loosing peace of mind due to the arguments.

4) Who have the complaint that their partner has changed over the years and want to know the reasons and about the actual personality of the partner.

This book also helps singles to make the right decision before plunging into a relationship. Posing these questions to your potential partner can bring out actual personality traits of the person and it may even bring out surprising facets of your own personality.

Does it really work?

This success of this product can be gauged by the testimonials of millions of happy couples who have changed their lives with the power of this book.

So many success stories ( and counting more ) are the proof of it's success and how influential and powerful it is.


This book was recommended to me by my family counsellor who, after a long session with both of us zeroed in the problem to ‘Lack of Communication” .

She advised us to get this book and start asking questions to each other and keep her posted about the outcome. Within few weeks we could notice the difference and eventually all our differences melted away.