The Ex Factor Guide Reviews

If the Ex Factor Guide is new to you, don't worry you just turned up in the most viable place where you are going get all the information concerning the product.

Also, if you have heard of it before and maybe the information you got was not proficient or was confusing, here there is all you need to know about it.

What Is This Product All About?

First and foremost, The Ex Factor Guide is a book. As the title of the book portrays, The Ex Factor Guide guides someone somewhere in doing something.

Who is that person this book guides and how does it guide him/her? Well, the book is for those people who have broken up with their love partners and not ready to move on.

The book gives directions on how to find out what went up to the extent of breaking up, how you can correct the mess, and how you can make up.

And please note, there is no gender partiality in the development of this product, The Ex Factor Guide is available for male and female.

Despite that after the break up you have tried in the unwavering effort of coaxing him or her to forget everything bad ever happened between you and makeup, still insist on being away from you, with this product you can make it. This guide can give a new sense and confidence about your love again.

Who Is The Author?

Brad Browning is the one who developed The Ex Factor Guide, Brad is gifted and talented in counselling, and he counsels people concerning relationships.

Brad is a graduate of the University of British Columbia in Arts and Psychology and owns an accreditation in Clinical Relationship Counselling.

Maybe it is because of this qualifications and talent, that his book still remains the best among many of the same content.

With all these qualifications Brad really deserves to be recognized as a skillful and professional in the field of counselling.

In addition to this fantastic guide book Brad has provided videos which you can access through the internet which also gives detailed directions on how you can get your ex-lover back. Also, Brad offers services of counselling on matters concerning relationships.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Ex Factor Guide program is presented in the form of a publication. The book has 220 pages with a given number of topics.

The topics in this guide book are arranged in a sequential manner, this manner of layout makes it easier for whoever is reading it to follow the content of guide stepwise.

Brad wrote the book is such a way that the next topic builds on the previous one to enhance understanding and flow of the content.

The publications include individualities which both parties in the relationship distinguishes as gorgeous and wanting in each other.

Brad's book tries to dig out explanations why you had broken up with your partner, why you have not been able to make up, and how you can change your spouse's mind and make up with him here.

Essentially, this includes those things that we treasure in people of the opposite gender and those which we term as bad.

As we know, the beauty lies in the beholders' eyes, sometimes it not that all perceive beautiful, is good. Brad expounds more on your thoughts about your partner.

In The Ex Factor Guide Brad explains extensively all break up related guidance and clues that you are supposed to know.

Also, he gives directions on the decision to make in order to increase your chances of making up with your ex.

In addition to detailed explanations on how you win her or him back, The Ex Factor Guide also stipulates different techniques on how you can make your relationship stronger and durable.

Moreover, he illustrates on how you can manage to do away with bad experiences in the past and start building your relation on love and joy.

It is certain and promising that in your pursuit to make up with your ex-lover, if you implicate all the directions in Brad's guide book you will win your boyfriend or girlfriend back and he or she will begin to remember all the best moments you ever spent together and all the romantic actions you ever did to him or her.

How Does It Work?

The Ex Factor Guide provides different working platforms during the time break up. Below is how it works;

  • The guide directs you on how to do with the terrible feelings you feel after because of the break-up.
  • Brad's book imparts you to appreciate all your partner ever did to you before the break-up and how to show them you are grateful.
  • It teaches you how to communicate to him or her in a convincing way that you are need of her.
  • The guide guides you on how to control your emotions and stay calm.
  • It teaches you on how to meet your ex without looking so desperate.
  • The Ex Factor Guide explains how you can do away with a bad feeling when conversing with your ex.

Is It a Scam?

From the above-mentioned qualification, it is evident that Brad's work is unpretentious. In addition, Brad has a ten years of experience in counselling and has backed a lot to This proves his work to be substantial.

List of Pros

  • The Ex Factor Guide is simple and easy to understand.
  • Well organized.
  • The program is available for both male and female.
  • The product is readable and well-formatted.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Brad's book is applicable to people who have broken up and they are not ready to move on without their ex-partners. The book will guide you on how to make up.

Does The Product Work?

The answer is yes it does. From many reviews from those who it has worked in, it is evident.


Anyone who reading this article and you wish to make up with you ex, make sure you go through The Ex Factor Guide.