Save My Marriage Today Reviews

Save My Marriage Today is a self improvement product that helps people have better relationships in their marriages.

It is specifically designed for marriages at the brink of divorce with the aim of reconciling the couple and preventing the separation.

This could be when the couple have already given up hope on their marriage or when the issues beleaguering such marriage is simmering underneath.

The product explores the underlying causes that are behind marriage crises and sets out practical solutions that a partner or both could take actions on to save their union.

Who is the Author or Creator?

The product was created by Amy Waterman, a relationship expert and marriage counselor. Amy has used her talent to save many marriages which according to sources are in their thousands.

She is passionate about helping couples whose marriages are troubled by sharing her relationship secrets with them.

According to her, she derives joy in seeing love in marriage relationships invigorated thereby giving credence to her belief that the principles which she teaches actually work.

Amy is a co-author of several relationship books and personally hosts her own marriage counseling program.

What is Included in the Program?

The remedial program teaches the participants how to discover the habits that are responsible for the crisis they are experiencing in their marriage.

These are obnoxious behaviors that either or both partners may not be aware of that consistently nibble away the love and trust they once had for each other.

Taught also are strategies that bring back an emotionally drifted partner when the causes of emotional or physical separation are issues such as work stress, children, a cheating partner or bad behavior.

The concepts taught are simplified into practical do this, do that step-by-step actions that bring partners back to loving each other.

How Does it Work? Is it A Scam?

When marriages have problems, the partner who is making effort towards reconciliation may not know where to start.

They may even complicate the problem by starting on a wrong foot or doing what would exacerbate the problem. The program starts by teaching the participant where to start in tacking the marital problem.

This is done by teaching them how to discover the underlying reasons behind the problems.

This is essential because most times, the reason given by the partner seeking divorce is a lie. It may even be that the partner doesn’t know why they have lost interest in the marriage.

What they are certain about is that they want to end it all.

The course emphasizes quick solution to marital problems because this is of essence when things degenerate in marriage relationships.

It is obvious that lengthy counseling sessions may not help the couple as separation or divorce may take place while such lengthy sessions were ongoing. A quick approach must be employed to save the union and this is what the program does.

The quick approach adopted essentially arms the partner with tips on how to unveil the main reason behind the crisis and actionable instructions on how to remedy the situation.

This is possible because the participant is conditioned to view what is happening in their marriage from a more objective perspective. At this point, they can dispassionately ascertain what has gone wrong and the remedial solution to be applied.

The lessons are tailored to empower the subscriber to realize that all hope is not lost, that they still can do something to save their marriage irrespective of how far they have drifted apart as partners or what is responsible for their differences.

There is a long list of couples whose marriages have been helped by the program. Their testimonies are pointers to the efficacy of the lessons in helping troubled marriages.

Based on the tips provided, the approach and practicality of the teaching, it is apparent that this is one of those relationship and counseling programs that actually work. This certainly is not a scam.

List of Pros

  • The program is based online, so the identity of the help seeker is not revealed.
  • The lessons are actionable with result quickly noticeable to ensure that divorce doesn’t take place.
  • It makes marriages happier, more enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • The lessons have been proven to work for people that actually applied them.
  • It is backed up by personalized email based counseling to give the subscriber extra help in learning what they must do.

Who is the Ideal candidate for the Product?

The program was created for couples whose marriages are not working as expected. These are people who may have been married for many years but feel that things are not working out between them.

They may be newly married who feel that marriage is not as much fun as they expected. It is for couples experiencing conflicts in their marriages due to issues of trust.

This could be as a result of unfaithfulness and cheating. Marriages under financial stress and those coping with the challenges associated with raising children can all benefit from the lessons in the ebook. The instructions cover a wide range of issues married people face.

Does the Product Work?

Thanks to the reviews that people who have used the product posted, it is apparent that this is one of the marriage counseling courses that actually work on the internet.

Amy Waterman actually decided to create the program after using the principles taught in it to save a friend’s marriage.

By implication, she realized that if it could work for her friend, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for others. The program has saves many marriages.


Marriages are the foundation of all societies. Having healthy marriages is the aspiration of every married couple. The program is commendable because it takes experience, research and skills to create a product that delivers on its promises.

This is one of such products and it is recommended that all couples who are having any sort of marital challenges subscribe for the lessons.

It is recommended as well for those whose marriage are working but would want to get the best out of their relationships.

Furthermore, it is of essence that people who are not yet married learn the practical lessons as set out in the course. With this, they would be well prepared for marriages that are pleasant.