Text Your Ex Back Reviews

Text Your Ex Back is a dating guide program that was developed by Michael Fiore. It is a relationship repair program that provides step-by-step explanation on how to get your ex back based on the strength of the text messages.

Text Your Ex Back program mainly depends on eleven modules that merges audio, videos and text files in an exceptional manner that permits an individual to comprehensively understand the main factors that contributed to your break up as well as provide step-by-step guide on what you should do so as to move on and get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back.

Breakups can at times painful. They can throw your emotions everywhere and other individuals might even go crazy about text messages and opts to send unlimited texts to their exes.

The Text your Ex Back program will demonstrate how you can use such text messages to your advantages and not just to attack your ex with texts that will just make them that they made the right choice to breakup.

Who is the author?

Michael Fiore is the creator of the program “Text Your Ex Back”. Fiore is a globally known relationship professional. He is also the best selling author for numerous products at Amazon.

He trains you every step on how they can text their exes back via pdf ebook and video. He does not only reveal some of the astonishing psychological tips in order to get your ex start responding to your texts but also assists you understand what actually did not work effectively in your previous relationship and how you can try and address the problems with your partner together in order for you to stay together once you get back with your ex together.

What is included in the program?

There are 11 modules in videos, audio and text by Michael Fiore making an introduction and giving an explanation step by step on how to get your ex back.

You can opt to listen to the modules through an audio file or read them since you can be able to read and listen to the course from your ipod, tablet, phone or kindle.

The audio videos and pdfs files are downloadable and therefore you can be able to watch them even if you are offline.

Module I is generally about the introduction whereas Module II is about the dumped and the dumper.

Modules III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI are about The Big Goa, Flight Check, Text Judo, Across Bow Texts, Prepping the Soil, Green Eyed Monster, Planting the Seeds, Reaping the Seeds and Texting Steady respectively.

How does it work?

Text Your Ex Back is a program that comes in audio and manual forms that provides step by step explanation by Michael Fiore on how to send text messages to your exes in order to get back together.

If you actually believe what your heart tells you and you would like to get your ex back, then this program will help you make great efforts in order to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back.

It helps you to examine the advantages and disadvantages that exist between your relationships and evaluate in case your aims are fully aligned with the connections that your partner has. It helps you to recall that your ex will not only make you happy but also joyful.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

The Text Your Ex Back program is ideal for any man or woman who has been left distressed by their breakups and has opted to get his or her ex back.

Relationships normally ends due to different reasons and the story of one couple might not be similar to the story of another couple however this type of program is essential and can assist two individuals who broke up get back together again regardless of the circumstances and reasons that led to their breakups.


  • Combines audio, text and video in an excellent way that makes it very simple and easy to understand and follow.
  • Text your ex back program was developed by a “living expert” in the dating and relationship sector that has assisted over 100,000 partners to revive their relationships.
  • Covers everything right away from the start up to the end and permits someone to establish the actual causes of their breakups and some of the things that you should do so as to recover from the breakup.
  • Its package has some huge bonuses, for instance, Infidelity Buster guide that usually add actual value to the major program.
  • It is the most complete and best text messaging system that has been witnessed in the relationship industry.
  • Provides unique techniques to put emotional strength behind messaging and this are something that you cannot get from other similar programs available online.
  • It has great customer service provided by Michael Fiore as well as the program’s support team that provide instant answers to inquiries made by customers.

Does The Product Work?

If you follow every step that is outlined in the program then there is a high probability that you will be able to get back your ex.

It has been proved that the Get Your Ex Back Program effectively works if all the steps are effectively followed. It is essential for you to love other individuals as you love yourself since this product will help you love others as you love yourself.

Therefore, in case you would like to get back together with your ex, then this program provides perhaps the best opportunity for you as it effectively work by not only training you psychological tricks on how to get back together but it also educates you how to establish a successful new relationship that is better, happier and stronger compared to the previous relationship.


In order for you to realize the best results out of the program, then it is important to have some bits of self belief and persistence, for instance you should never give up at the initial hurdle but be able to put on more effort.

You should also have an honest desire for you to fully understand what actually went wrong in the previous relationship and be ready to fix the problem.

You should also be patient and have willpower in order to make sure that you do not break the rules that were created by Michael Fiore since it will help you achieve its objectives.